image of pc image of a ipad image of an iphone image of an andriod phone

PC, iPad, iPhone, Android this is the way of the web. It is called responsive web design. There are so many sizes that now we have to design for each.


Hello, welcome to MidWest Web Design Studio. How are you doing today? I see you are looking to have a new web site built or maybe you need a site redesign done.

What type of site are you going to need? Is it for your business or personal use, such as a blog? Maybe you need an e-commerce site. Is it going to be a static site or a Content Management Site (CMS)?

You have come to the right place. I will build a web site that you and I can both be proud of when finished. To accomplish this, we will work closely together. I do have a few questions for you to think about, more on that HERE. When we get done going over the questions together I will have a very good understanding of what you need. In addition, I hope that the questionnaire will give you some things to think about that you have not thought of. This will help a great deal in the design process.

Well go ahead and explore my site. There are many cool effects throughout; that I hope will help you consider me as your web designer/developer. I have gone a little overboard with cool effects on this site. Normally a site would not have many of these effects. However, I wanted to make this site fun to look around in and show you some cool effects.

Thank you for visiting MidWest Web Design Studio, have a good day, hope to hear from you soon.