RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN WHAT IS IT? Briefly, it is making your website look good and work well with its users on any size screen.

TO SEE Responsive Web Design at work check it out HERE. Take your mouse and move your cursor all the way to one side. When the cursor changes to a double arrow, hold down your left mouse button and drag to make the window smaller. You will see as the window gets smaller the design changes at set points.

HOW DO WE as web designers and developers do this? We start it as the first step in the design process. We have to decide if it is right for your site needs.

HOW RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN WORKS. The code of your site will detect what size of the window the user is viewing your site. In the code, there is what we call break points. These are the pixel size of the window. As the window size gets down to a preset number of pixels the site will adjust. Everything will get a little smaller. When we get small enough the site will even move some things around.

When the site goes from computer monitor size to iPad size there are subtle changes in the size of things like links, images, and so on. Not much moving around, more taking consideration that the iPad is a touch screen. So on the iPad we need to have the links big enough to click on with your finger.

When we go down to Smartphone size things will start moving around some. Everything will have to get stacked on top of each other. The navigation will become buttons placed at the bottom. These are just a couple of things to think about when coding your site.

DO YOU NEED a responsive site, well that depends on you. Responsive sites are not mandatory. Take a couple of things into consideration when deciding. There will be a little extra cost. Is this an e-commence site where people might be using their phone to make purchases? Is there a lot of information that will be easier to find on a Smartphone if we move things around? Instead of making the user, zoom in and out.

Well that is responsive web design in a nutshell. When we are planning your site layout, I will get more into this with you.